Terms & Conditions

I N I M A Swimwear e-shop is liable for the quality, completeness, and validity of the information posted on its inimaswimwear.gr and inimaswimwear.com websites both in terms of the accuracy of the information posted and of the online services our e-shop provides.
It also holds the right to reservations regarding the appearance of random technical or typographical errors which cannot be foreseen or may ensue involuntarily during interruption of the website’s operation due to reasons beyond our control.

Our e-shop also holds the right to reservations as to the delivery times of the merchandise shipped when those are subject to reasons beyond its control. I N I M A Swimwear e-shop can issue no guarantees as to the availability of its products. However, it does guarantee to notify end consumers promptly as to the non-availability of said products. The online store I N I M A Swimwear e-shop posts its contents (e.g., information, descriptions, photographs, displays, etc), products, and services available on the website “as is”.


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